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UGC (User-Generated Content)

Why UGC?

  1. Real Talk: It's genuine feedback from real people, which builds trust.

  2. Get Chatty: UGC sparks conversations and creates a cool community vibe around the brand.

  3. Cheap Thrills: It's way cheaper than traditional ads or creating content from scratch.

  4. Spread the Love: UGC gets shared around, boosting brand visibility.

  5. Smart Feedback: Companies learn a lot about their customers' likes and dislikes.

  6. Keepin' it Real: It adds authenticity and personality to the brand.

  7. Join the Party: Encouraging UGC makes customers feel like they're part of something.

  8. Google Loves It: UGC can bump up a company's search engine ranking.

In a nutshell, UGC is a game-changer for companies, helping them connect with customers, save money, and boost their online presence.

Micro-Influencer Posts

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Why work with a micro-influencer?

  1. Real Connections: Micro-influencers have a closer bond with their smaller, super-engaged audiences, making endorsements feel more genuine.

  2. Budget-Friendly: It's cheaper than working with big-shot influencers or celebs, especially great for smaller brands.

  3. Niche Appeal: Micro-influencers attract followers with specific interests or backgrounds, so brands can target their marketing better.

  4. Better Engagement: Their followers interact more, so sponsored content gets seen, trusted, and shared more.

  5. Content Variety: Partnering with many micro-influencers means getting a range of content styles to use across different channels.

  6. Builds Trust: Micro-influencers' loyal followers trust their recommendations, helping brands build loyalty too.

  7. Local and Personal: They often have a local focus, making them perfect for brands targeting specific areas, and their smaller audiences mean more personal connections.

  8. Easy Scaling: Brands can easily expand their reach by working with lots of micro-influencers instead of relying on a few big names.

Strategy Around Impact and Thoughtful Content

Yeah, I totally get it - you want your brand to feel real and not come off as out of touch.

With over seven years in the nonprofit world and a master's in nonprofit management plus a certificate in ESG strategy, I bring a lot to the table. By day, I'm all about building partnerships with businesses and showing them how to tell their stories in a way that really hits home.

So, here I am, offering up some straight-up thoughts and advice based on my studies and what I've learned on the job. My goal? To help brands share their stuff and make an impact in a way that feels genuine and, you know, not salesy.


No campaign is one size fits all! Customizable collaborations to fit budgets and goals. These prices are just starting points and up for thoughtful discussion.

Items that factor into pricing

  • Bundled or stand alone packages

  • Value of gifted product

  • Expenses tied to brand's goal and requests


Starting at $100

Influencer Post

Starting at $150

UCG + Influencer Post

Want me to post on my own page and provide the rights for your feed and sponsored adds? This is the option to explore.

Starting at $225

Have a few questions? I have a few answers below, but I am always happy to chat!

What happens after I contact you?

You’ll get a response in 2-3 business days. I’ll ask you for more details about the project and most likely schedule a call to iron out all the details.

How will our collaboration look like?

To be honest....we can make it as formal or casual as you'd like.

If you want to send over your plan in a few bullet points and let me run with it, that's totally fine!

Want a formal plan? Let's do it! We can plan and timeline that works for both of us. I’ll send you the work in increments that you can approve or request edits for.

Can I ask for edits?

Yes! I always welcome feedback and want to ensure we are aligned every step of the way.

Are you open for a longer contract?

Definitely. I love one-off projects, but I’m all for building meaningful partnerships, so I’m open for retainer contracts.

Want to work together? Drop me a message and I’ll get back to you in no time.

(757) 677-6485